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View: Disney Universe - oh my god, its full of stars
Created: 27-10-2011 19:20

Disney Universe - Oh My God, It's Full of Stars

The long awaited (by me and my daughter) Disney Universe is now available and delivers fantastic frantic family fun (too much?!). I don't normally review games, as I have said before there are plenty of sites which do that, but we preordered this game and wanted to share our thoughts.

For the full details, videos and more screenshots I suggest visiting the official Web site but suffice it to say you can play the game dressed as any of a bunch of classic Disney characters, from Mickey to Tron to Simba and soooo many more. You unlock more as you go.

You work your way with up to 3 local co-players through the different worlds of famous Disney films, such as Monsterís Inc, Lion King, Aladdin, Tim Burtonís Alice in Wonderland, Pirates of the Caribbean and WALL-E.

You can think of the gameplay as like a Lego game on steroids. Run around the levels activating switches, solving puzzles and most fun of all - smashing loads and loads of bad guys to pieces.

Conclusion: Everything, including the menu system, is very slick. Lovely animation and bags of 'Disney' fun all through the game. Each sub-level is quite small but that isn't a bad thing. It works really well because the puzzles and actions required to reach the exit aren't miles apart. This is essential when you have more than one player on the screen at once. The puzzles are very clever but not too tricky that they may frustrate younger players. My daughter doesn't normally go for action games like this but she absolutely loves it. She usually goes after the bad guys while I do the more difficult jumps and tasks.

We were both able to play this game a few months ago when we were invited to be play testers, and really enjoyed it. The finally released game has surpassed our expectations and provides more family fun than any other game I can think of.

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