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News: I like to Move it, Move it - says 4.1 million
Created: 02-12-2010 09:24 Edited: 02-12-2010 09:26

I Like to Move It, Move It - Says 4.1 Million

Sony have released the sales figure for the PlayStation Move controller, and what a gorgeous figure it is too!

A fantastic 4.1 million PS3 Move units have been sold worldwide. What makes this most impressive is that it has only been out for just over 2 months in Europe, Australia, Asia and the USA and a little over 1 month in Japan. In its first month SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) released sales figures of 1.5 million units in Europe and SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America) sold 1 million units in America.

From a previous posting here you may have read that I am a fan of the Move. The accuracy and speed at which movements are detecting is amazing. There is no detectable latency at all. If you still haven't played with one, find one in a shop or visit that friend who gets all the new kit and try it out.

Technical Info:
The Move controller has a three-axis linear accelerometer and a three-axis angular rate sensor inside to track its rotation and motion. It also has a magnetometer for calibrating the device against the Earth's magnetic field so it knows its orientation and can combat any cumulative drift by the inertial sensors. The glowing ball on the top is monitored by the PlayStation Eye camera so it knows where the top of the Move controller is. It not only calculates its position in 2D space (left-right, up-down) to approximately a millimeter, but it also calculates its distance from the camera as it knows the exact dimensions of the glowing ball which gets larger the closer you get to the camera. By combining all of this location and movement information its response time is apparently 22 milliseconds which is over 45 times a second!

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