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Created: 01-12-2010 20:09

Free PS3 With a 20 Mobile Contract?

I have seen mobile phone deals offering a free Playstation 3 before but have always shrugged them off as being expensive or with hidden costs. Well, it now seems you can get one with a contract phone for as little as 20 uk pounds per month! And there is quite a choice of phones too.

HTC Desire HD

I recently bought myself a new HTC Desire HD phone (see above), which is superb. This didn't come with a PS3 but after a lot of shopping around I got a great deal on what I consider to be the most advanced phone you can get at the moment (yes - better than an iPhone 4 in my opinion). While searching I found these 'free PS3' deals and figured those reading this blog who don't yet own a PS3 but are looking to upgrade their mobile phone could be interested.

Here is a list of phones you can get for 20 a month (24 month contract) with 100 minutes, unlimited texts and 250MB data every month, along with your 120GB PS3 slim:

For an extra 5 a month some of them can come with 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB data per month PLUS a Playstation Move! Well worth a look if you are in the market for a new phone. The company I have linked to above is the one I had a very good experience with when I bought my phone - and I am VERY critical of online stores.

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