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Created: 20-12-2009 19:58

Christmas Number One

For those not in the UK or living under a rock, there has been a bit of a battle this year here for the Christmas number 1 in the music charts. For the last 4 years every number 1 at Christmas has been an X Factor winner created by the Simon Cowell money making machine, but finally 'the people' have put a stop to it.

A campaign through Facebook was started and aimed at everyone sick and tired of Cowell manufacturing Xmas records, and it gained an enormous following. The Facebook group wanted "Killing in the Name" by Rage Against the Machine to be purchased by as many people as possible to keep the X Factors latest drivel from the top spot. It worked, which is an incredible feat considering it wasn't sold in any shops - it is purely available as a downloadable purchase.

As a businessman, my hat goes off to Simon Cowell as he has been incredibly successful. The vaults full of money he has made show that. The problem is that people are now fed up of his factory churning out mindless garbage - either cover versions of other peoples songs or tracks which could be used as the definition of plagiarism. The making of music should be a creative process like any other art form, and invoke feelings in the listener or show what the author/performer was feeling. It has never been like this for Cowell, it's just a money making machine where 'artists' can be exploited for the maximum amount of publicity and profit. The public has spoken out about this in a language which the industry understands - with their wallets.

What has this got to do with the PS3? Well, nothing really apart from the fact that both Simon Cowell's record label and Rage Against the Machine's are both owned by Sony. No matter which one won the top spot this Christmas, Sony was always going to be the winner! This could also be seen as a warning message for any company who try to mass produce an art form purely for profit. Take note computer games publishers. Rant over.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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