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View: God of War 3 demo pics
Created: 05-11-2009 17:54 Edited: 05-11-2009 17:56

God of War 3 Demo Pics

I received my code to download the God of War III demo a few days ago but didn't get a chance to share my experience until now. It is nothing short of amazing!

Everything from the high poly models, the textures, the atmosphere, the enormous scale of the levels and demons... to the smooth transitions from intros to gameplay and from one section to the next just works brilliantly.

God of War 3

Its not often you can call something both beautiful and horrible. By 'horrible' I mean in a stomach churning, jaw dropping, blood spurting, gory sort of way. Violence so well animated it almost turns it into an art form. Before you are tempted to jump on the 'video games promote violence' bandwagon you should know that your vicious actions are against evil demons and monsters (mostly).

KratosRip the wings off it!
HUGE lava titan demon thingYour blades stuck in a centaur

The super high quality model of Kratos (your character) in the first picture above moves seamlessly from the title screen right into the in-game action. The rock titan which appears in the demo (third picture above) is HUGE. It makes you feel tiny, even after slicing your way through an army of enemies like butter.

Is it a minotaur, or a lion headed goat demon?Die, minotaur, die!

Hacking and slashing your way through minions, a centaur, a minotaur type monster and literally ripping apart winged creatures which carry you across gaps in the demo feels worryingly good. The action is constant, fluid and brutal.

If this really is the final installment in the God of War series then it is a real shame. The game isn't even out yet and I want more! ;-)

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