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News: Battlefield 1943 download tomorrow!
Created: 08-07-2009 11:04

Battlefield 1943 Download Tomorrow!

The critically acclaimed EA title is being released Thursday 9th July 2009 for download via PSN for only 9.99! There will also be a demo version to try it out first if you aren't yet sure about taking the plunge.

Developed by DICE (the Swedish developers behind 'Mirrors Edge' and incidentally the Amiga classic 'Pinball Dreams' trilogy) it's an epic World War II first person shooter. Roles include infantryman, rifleman and scout and you can play single player compaigns or 24 person multiplayer games. You can use the squad features to team up with 4 other players and cause mayhem and destruction as you go.

The game uses DICEs Frostbite Engine which looks after all of the environmental damage and looks superb. It can cope with visibility distances of 32km x 32km and supports a huge amounts of breakable stuff including ground destruction (something you don't often see). I saw some early footage of the Frostbite Engine when it was still being developed for 'Battlefield: Bad Company' and it was very impressive.
It will be a 560MB download from the PlayStation Network and even though we have seen top notch downloadable games before from PSN (e.g. WipeOut HD and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection) this should help raise the bar for full size, high quality, downloadable games.

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