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News: Online figures for UK homes
Created: 10-06-2009 17:08

Online Figures for UK Homes

Ofcom look after the electronic communications industries in the UK - including television, radio and broadband. They make sure the companies who offer services like these stick to the rules and protect the public. Today they released the results of a new study into UK homes online. This isn't strictly about the PS3 but it does give some interesting information about how many homes have Internet connectivity (and why some don't) and how many have games consoles.

Here are some of the interesting outcomes of the study:
  • 70% of homes in the UK have Internet access. 68% of those have broadband and 2% have narrowband (e.g. dial-up)
  • A further 6% of UK homes say they will have Internet access at home within the next 6 months. This means that over three quarters of all homes in the UK should have Internet access by the end of 2009.
  • 42% of those homes without Internet access (so thats 12.6% of all UK homes) say they don't have it because they don't need or want it. They are mostly older or retired people.
  • 7.7% of people asked have never used a computer!
  • 30% of those without Internet access (which means 9% of UK homes) said the Internet was too expensive or they didn't have the skills to use it. 30% of those (2.7% of UK homes) said the cost of a computer was the main reason they didn't have Internet access at home.
  • 0.9% of people asked had never heard of the Internet! Where are these people - under a rock? I can poke fun at them because I know they won't be reading this ;-)
  • 10.8% of people asked did not have the Internet at home but did get other people with Internet access at home to access it for them. (Most of us know someone like this!)
  • There is a slightly higher percentage of people with Internet access in the age range 45 to 54, than those in the age ranges 16 to 24 or 25 to 44. This was quite surprising to me but may have something to do with disposable income and free time.
Now some console related figures:
  • 47% of the UK population have games consoles. Thats a very good figure but sadly there is no differentiation between which models or which generation of consoles they have - that wasn't really the purpose of the study.
  • More of the UK populous have games consoles than MP3 players (41%).
  • 16% of those who do not have Internet access still have games consoles. This was quite high I thought but does includes those with older consoles which cannot connect to the Internet, and of course the Wii demographic who just use it to keep the joints moving.
Some interesting figures there I thought.

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