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News: Cause PAIN online
Created: 31-03-2009 19:30

Cause PAIN Online

I fired up PAIN today and got a HUGE surprise. I am embarrassed to say I haven't played it in a little while - you can blame Little Big Planet and Mirror's Edge for that. Not unexpectedly, as soon as I tried to launch Pain it informed me of an update. Little did I know it would add ONLINE play to one of the most fun games ever made!
You can now play games against people anywhere in the world, such as Bowling and the newly released Darts and Fortress game modes.

PAIN Darts

Don't underestimate the technical difficulty of making this game online - which is why it has taken so long to add this 'top requested' feature. Every tiny bit of debris has to be synchronised between players along with every single piece of collision information. Most games don't care about those details but for PAIN, it is essential. Take, for example, your favourite multiplayer FPS game (be it Killzone 2, Resistance, CoD etc) and think about the bits that fly about after explosions. If one of those little chunks happens to hit you on the hand it won't usually affect the player or influence the way their arm moves, but that is a big part of how PAIN works. This is why there is an minimum network/broadband upload speed of 256k.
For a FREE update this opens the game up enormously. Get it... get it NOW via PSN!

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