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News: PS3 development kits now 80 percent cheaper!
Created: 25-03-2009 06:04 Edited: 25-03-2009 06:08

PS3 Development Kits Now 80 percent Cheaper!

Be on the lookout for a flood of new games from smaller independent developers soon as Sony have slashed the price of the official PS3 development kits.
Since the price drop in 2007 the kits were $10250 each making them a big investment for smaller game companies. Now the price is $2000 (1370 ukpound) making it a much more attractive platform than ever before. I expect the majority of software in the short term will probably appear on PSN as downloadable games but it should see a boost in retail titles too. Great news for all PS3 owners.
My only worry is if the quality control slips and we end up with buckets of shovelware as seen on Nintendo's Wii and DS. Diluting the quality of games by increasing the quantity of bad games can have a negative effect on the sales of top games due to people not wanting to take the risk. This kind of thing obviously hasn't harmed Nintendo's sales - just their reputation. I am sure Sony have thought about this and wouldn't want to damage the PlayStation brand.

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