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View: Game celebrity censorship - why?
Created: 10-02-2009 06:49

Game Celebrity Censorship - Why?

I just came across a news story about a game written for the iPhone. A simple affair where you bounce American politicians on a trampoline to pop balloons. What caught my eye is that it was rejected for inclusion on the iTunes online store by Apple due to it including comical cartoon versions of politicians. The full story is here: Apple rejects Barack Obama trampoline iPhone application
The game isn't actually that good - then again that hasn't stopped an awful lot of shovelware making money for the Wii, but that's not the point. The game has been denied distribution due to the characters in the game being based on political/celebrity figures which Apple believe are being made fun of. Does the thought of Barack Obama or Hilary Clinton on a trampoline hurt their careers? Is it likely to make people think they cannot do their jobs? Does it show them in a negative light at all? No. I wouldn't even class this as ridecule or parody, even if the thought of someone in power having some childlike fun is amusing. I am sure far worse cartoons of these figures appear regularly in newspapers and magazines.
There are Web sites whose sole purpose is to provide games which contain images or cartoons of celebrities and put them in ludicrous situations. Most of them are rubbish but might give you a chuckle for a few minutes. That is why they are there and there is no harm done. It's just a bit of fun Apple. I am sure you have giggled at some of the online jokes poking fun at Bill Gates. I know I have ;-)

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