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View: Why 3rd Party Publishers Love PS3
Created: 28-10-2008 19:55 Edited: 28-10-2008 19:58

Why 3rd Party Publishers Love PS3

If you are like me, in years past you may have gotten a bit fed up of the PS3 getting so many 'ports' of games developed primarily on the Xbox 360. There are benefits of this, for example there are often gameplay tweaks and extras added to these ports as improvements are made and feedback acquired after initial release. Of course, if both versions are released at the same time then the port often has less time spent on it, is less optimized for the console its running on and can sometimes appear to be of lower quality.
This year the tide is turning and several big developers are choosing the PS3 as the primary development platform for multiplatform games. Good news indeed. "Why is this the case?" you may ask. Well, the most recent financial reports from third party publishers seem to hold the answers with the PS3 selling more titles (or making more money) than titles on the 360. Here is a quick comparison table for you:

 EA 17%10%
 Namco/Bandai 7% 4%
 Konami 57%3%
 Ubisoft 20%14%

(NOTE: Some of the figures were published as units sold and some are by money made. As the price of titles is basically the same on both platforms I have compared like for like)

Could this be a side effect of piracy (causing a drop in 360 sales), or perhaps the recent increase of top titles on the PS3 (causing an increase in PS3 sales)? I am not sure but I'll bet most gamers have an opinion ;-)

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