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Created: 27-06-2008 08:17

Pain Update - Free and Painless

As you may know from my previous experience with the game "Pain" from Idol Minds, I am a big fan. It might not be big, complex or a cerebral challenge, but its 'fun factor' is off the chart. Its the kind of casual game which the PS3 needs more of. Update v1.67 was released yesterday which adds some excellent new features, and best of all its FREE! Starting the game as normal checks for updates and it will download and install the 45MB (approx) update automatically.

As expected since news of the update was released on 15th May, there are two new locations for the catapult which can be unlocked. What was unexpected was the fact that they have changed the location quite considerably turning these new positions into a different game. Its still set in the 'Downtown' locale, but the objects, vehicles and people have been changed/moved around creating loads more stuff to fling your player at. I unlocked the 'Block Party' location quite quickly (with a little skill and a lot of luck) where the catapult is now on the opposite side of town, but have yet to unlock the 'Demolition' location with the catapult in the centre between the massage parlour and the cafe. I think I know what to do but actually doing it is another story. Thats part of the joy of 'Pain' - it keeps you wanting to play to unlock new features and trophies.

Speaking of 'trophies', they have added new ones for the new locations and a whole new skill level for those who have gained all the existing medals (certainly not me... yet). The boot up time has been improved as you can skip the intro screens, you can now each have a different character in multiplayer games, and you can turn off the HUD while watching replays.

One thing lacking from the original release was music during the game. It had music on the title screen, and odd bits of music while flying past certainly locations in the town, but nothing else while playing. I suppose this put more emphasis on the atmospherics along with the crunches, crashes and screams but it still seemed a little lacking. This has now been fixed with access to your PS3's music collection. If you have playlists set up or music in artist or album categories, you can access them from inside 'Pain'. There is nothing better than having 'Ride of the Valkyries' playing while you majestically fly through the air, being flung from one exploding crate to another. Or stick on a bit of Annie Lennox with "Walking on Broken Glass" as you shatter several windows with your face. Marvellous stuff.

This update makes the game even more worth buying through the PSN Store.

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