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News: No Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix demo for PS3
Created: 17-03-2008 12:47 Edited: 18-03-2008 07:11

No Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Demo for PS3

You may already be annoyed at Capcom for their recent decisions regarding the PS3, making users install 5GB of data before playing their games (even if it means speeding up loading times). The games have been worth it (so far) but now they have announced there will be a demo of SSFIITHDR for the 360 and not the PS3! (Could they have made the name any longer?!)

The reason Capcom have given is due to the project being over budget and creating the PS3 beta would require three versions - one for the US, one for Europe and one for Asia/Japan.

Actually, its not all bad news. The 360 users will only get the download if they purchase a 'Live' arcade game, 'Commando 3' for 800 points (7?) - so its not exactly a free test. Plus all the feedback data will be used to improve the PS3 version too. So essentially, the 360 owners are being used as guinea pigs - and they have to pay for the privilege! Okay then ;-)
There have already been reported problems with the 360 version of the game due to the download size limit on 360 Arcade games - where it had already been bumped from 50MB to 150MB due to restriction complaints from developers in Jan 2007. Capcom have said this still isn't enough for all of the 1080p quality graphics and difficult or impossible to include all the original and remixed game music. MS have apparently panicked at the thought of losing out and are now allowing larger downloads on a case by case basis. I believe PSN has at least a 5GB download limit for its games :-D

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
Look familiar?... I might have to break out my old SNES now to practice ;-)
Personally, I think I might have to wait until Street Fighter IV comes out. Here are some screenshots for comparison...
Street Fighter IV

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