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News: A million PS3 consoles sold in the UK
Created: 15-02-2008 09:01 Edited: 15-02-2008 09:33

A Million PS3 Consoles Sold in the UK

Sony have just announced that they sold 1 million Playstation 3 consoles in the UK in just 47 weeks since its release. This even beats the PS2 which sold 1 million units in 50 weeks and is still the biggest selling console of all time. It also beats the Xbox360 which took 60 weeks to reach a million. The Nintendo Wii managed to reach a million in just 38 weeks, but then its not really targeted at hardcore gamers. Sony also said that it took only 9 and a half weeks for the Playstation3 to reach 1 million units throughout Europe.
ChartTrack have some interesting statistics about UK console and game sales and show that the PS3 and 360 were neck and neck over the Christmas 2007 period but the Playstion 3 has since overtook the 360 in sales. Based on current figures it is predicted that the PS3 userbase will overtake the 360 this year in Europe.

Just out of interest, I decided to look at how much computers of old are worth in todays money when you take into consideration inflation. The argument that the PS3 is still too expensive is still doing the rounds on forums and blogs, but if you compare the price with previous computers you might be pleasantly surprised. I chose some computers at random as its a bit tricky to find UK launch prices for many of them. Here are my findings (in UK prices with inflation):
Price inc
 ZX Spectrum 48k 1982  174  445
 Commodore 64 1983  399  970
 Amstrad PC1512 1986  499  1054
 Sega Megadrive 1990  189.99 311
 SNES 1992  150  224
 PlayStation  1995  299.99 416
 PlayStation 2 2000  299 363
 XBox  2002  299.99 352
PS3 60GB
PS3 40GB

Kind of interesting I thought.

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