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View: ISPs the cause of COD4 problems?
Created: 29-01-2008 18:11

ISPs the Cause of COD4 Problems?

There have been reports of problems with the PS3 version of Call Of Duty 4 for a short while now while playing online. Well, it looks like it might be your ISP (broadband provider) at fault.

COD4 is an incredible game and deserves its crown as fasting selling PS3 game so far, and the third PS3 game to sell 2 million copies (the others being 'Resistance: Fall of Man' and 'Motorstorm'). The online problem seems to stem from it using a P2P (peer-to-peer) system to communicate with online opponents. This is not something new and is much more efficient than using a central server to do all the talking which could easily soon become overwhelmed. It appears broadband providers like Tiscali have decided to block P2P traffic during peak hours for a lot of customers. This is known as 'traffic shaping' and is used to try and cut down bandwidth hogging applications like BitTorrent, Limewire, eMule and that sort of thing but its also affecting gamers as they aren't identifying which types of P2P traffic to block. So basically, if your broadband provider is Tiscali or Pipex (also run by Tiscali) their 'traffic management' could kick in between the peak hours of 4pm to 12midnight killing your online gaming fun. Other Tiscali and Pipex affiliated ISPs could be affected too such as Toucan, Bulldog, Freedom2Surf and Nildram if the same traffic management is used.

Apparently there are buckets of people posting on their forums asking for MAC codes to leave Tiscali for other more 'game friendly' ISPs. Worst of all its COD4 and the PS3 which is taking the flack when people think its the game or console at fault.

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