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News: PS3 Dual Digital HD TV Receiver - stay tuned for March?
Created: 22-01-2008 09:54 Edited: 22-01-2008 09:58

PS3 Dual Digital HD TV Receiver - Stay Tuned for March?

It appears the PlayTV digital tuner add-on for the PS3 is coming very soon. The current rumour is that it could be with us as soon as March 28th at a price of 99.99. That might sound like a lot for a tv tuner but remember, its HD so will record at full 1080p (when its available), its terrestrial freeview (so no ongoing costs or satellite dishes needed) and you can record one channel while viewing another, i.e. it actually has two tuners inside.

A video is available of the promo below, which shows some of the interface, 7 day programme guide and the ability to stream live and prerecorded video to your PSP - anywhere in the world via WiFi! How cool is that.

Click on the YouTube video above to play.
I have been waiting for some more solid info about this for a while, since the rumours first started. It looks like it will do everything the early reports said it would. I WANT ONE!

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