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News: EA giving away free PC games?!
Created: 21-01-2008 08:00 Edited: 23-01-2008 04:22

EA Giving Away Free PC Games?!

I just saw an interesting press release from Electronic Arts released today. They are starting a new range of games called 'Play 4 Free'. Basically you download them for free and they make money from advertising and 'micro-transactions' (whatever they are).
The first one will be out this Summer 2008 and is called 'Battlefield Heroes' developed by DICE in Stockholm - the same people who created an amazing fully destructible game engine called 'Frostbite' which runs on the PS3 and Xbox360 for a game entitled 'Battlefield: Bad Company'. 'Battlefield Heroes' sounds pretty cool, has a cartoon style and includes a built-in match making system to pair players together for fair online matches. As far as I can see it's only going to be available on the PC for now and the Web site doesn't tell you much yet:

EA giving something away for free? What is the world coming to ;-)
Seriously though, this is a great move and I hope it catches on. I certainly hope they decide to expand the business model over to the PS3 and have free downloadable games which are funded by advertising - as long as they aren't too obtrusive. With its built-in Web browser I don't see why live Web links couldn't be built-in to PS3 games.
The future of ingame advertising

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