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News: Devil May Cry 4 - super hack and slash
Created: 20-01-2008 13:16

Devil May Cry 4 - Super Hack and Slash

There have been a few hack-and-slash type games out on the PS3. Heavenly Sword is excellent (especially with the inclusion of superb voice acting talent), and I really enjoyed Conan too with its limb decapitation count. Well, DMC 4 looks to be an awesome addition to the genre and a great addition to the Devil May Cry series.

Capcom have been very careful to keep the game story under wraps and won't let anyone release information or video footage which might give anything away. From what I have seen though it looks incredible. The enemies, the fluid motion and the attack moves and visual effects are blindingly good. Look out for the character called 'Gloria' - an amazing and sexy lady with an incredible fighting style. My jaw certainly dropped!

Capcom have apparently recently announced that there is so much content already in the game that there won't be any downloadable stuff for it. We shall have to see but perhaps they will change their mind depending upon people reactions and their desire to expand the games lifespan.

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