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News: Resistance 2 to support 60 players online!
Created: 12-01-2008 19:07 Edited: 14-01-2008 16:16

Resistance 2 to Support 60 Players Online!

The first "Resistance:Fall of Man" game is still one of my favourites of all time and scored 9.1 on IGN. The single player story mode is great but the online multiplayer is just superb. It keeps you wanting 'one more game', and with the addition of add-on map packs through PSN and updates to tweak weapons and add new features, the developers Insomniac have kept it fresh.
There have been rumours for a while about a follow up but no real information. Now it seems that the February edition of 'GameInformer' magazine has some excellent information and screenshots from the sequel. Here is the information doing the rounds at the moment:
  • 60 person multiplayer matches
  • 8 player co-operative campaign mode
  • You still play as Nathan Hale but in US settings this time (instead of UK ones)
  • More enemies on screen than Resistance 1, with better AI (artificial intelligence).
  • Better lighting, shaders and texture system.
  • Different classes of soldier to choose from, and new vehicles to use.
  • Automatically adapting difficulty level, so the game changes depending upon how good you are.
It really sounds like it could be groundbreaking when it comes to the FPS genre and the screenshots are amazing. The original Resistance game supported 40 person multiplayer matches which is still rare for first-person-shooters, so to support 60 people at once is incredible. This should mean some big game arenas to support such a large number of players at once.

The first Resistance: Fall of Man is available to buy from GAME (free postage to UK) by clicking here.

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