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Tip: Save money, switch off and turn green
Created: 13-12-2007 07:58

Save Money, Help the Environment, Switch Off and Turn Green

A report by Greenpeace this month into how 'green' the newest generation of games consoles are is not good news for any games fan.
Sony are the only producer of the three (PS3, Xbox360 and Wii) who has a recycling scheme in place. They also rank third in the 'Guide to Greener Electronics' out of 18 top manufacturers (only beaten by Sony Ericsson and Samsung), which is good. At the very bottom of that list is Nintendo - the only company to score a zero due to the toxic chemicals they use during production and no recycling scheme. Microsoft came 16th (third from the bottom) due to their toxic chemical elimination policy not coming into effect until 2011 and their poor recycling practice. All three companies need to look at and reduce how much toxic chemicals they use during production.

Sadly the PS3 is the worst of the three when it comes to power consumption when in standby mode. I am guessing the ability to power it on remotely from a PSP anywhere in the world means it has to use more power than normal, so you have to weigh that feature up the next time you get the electricity bill! ;-)
The PS3 uses 128W of power when in standby, compared to 97W from the XBox360 Elite and only 15W from the Nintendo Wii.

This basically means that if you leave your PS3 on standby all the time, you are spending just over 0.6p an hour (based on 1 unit of electricity costing 5 pence). That might not sound like much, but that's over 15p a day, 1.07 a week or 56.06 a year - for just sitting there doing nothing! Now, if you all turn off your PS3's when you're not using them, you can all send me a cheque for 56.06 every year - how does that sound? Well, it was worth a try.

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