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News: Free Blu-Ray upgrade to keep PS3 a top player
Created: 06-12-2007 19:28 Edited: 06-12-2007 19:43

Free Blu-Ray upgrade to keep PS3 a top player

Hopefully, Sony should be releasing an update later this month (Dec 2007) to give the PS3 the same functionality as the brand new top blu-ray players on the market. The new features come under the standard known as 'Profile 1.1' and will allow Blu-ray movies to download new content, like additional features and language support not available when the disk was released. It also supports picture-in-picture so, for example, you could pop open a window of a director explaining how the movie was made while still watching it. Or perhaps video of the actors recording the voice-overs for an animated film.

The first profile 1.1 movies on blu-ray include 'Resident Evil: Extinction' released January 2008. This will include a picture-in-picture commentary, an improved menu system and the ability for the player to remember which scenes and features have been viewed - even after the disk has been ejected. There is also 'War' and 'Saw IV' which have web-enabled features.

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