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News: PS3 lightgun blasts Wii remote
Created: 03-12-2007 06:56 Edited: 06-12-2007 19:07

PS3 Lightgun Blasts Wii Remote

The Guncon lightgun, which is bundled with Time Crisis 4 (Bandai/Namco, released 28/03/08 in the UK), has been reported as much more accurate than the Wii remotes lightgun capabilities.
The Wii-mote uses 2 LED points to determine where it is pointing but the Guncon uses 6. This means it can accurately work out where the gun is pointing, its tilt and its distance from the screen which would be impossible for the Wii. The Guncon also includes two joysticks: one on the side for 'moving' and one on the back for 'looking'.

The way lightguns work has had to change in recent years with the widespread use of LCD and Plasma screens. Old lightguns used the scanline of CRTs (Cathode Ray Tubes) to work out where you were pointing at on the screen, but these newer televisions and monitors don't use scanlines. This is why something like a sensor bar needs to be placed by the television to work it all out. Clever stuff really.

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