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News: Blu-Ray movie sales makes HD-DVD green
Created: 30-11-2007 11:25 Edited: 30-11-2007 11:52

Blu-Ray Movie Sales Makes HD-DVD Green (with envy)

Blu-ray currently holds 73 percent of the European market in HD movie sales according to Media Control Gfk International. The Blu-ray Disc Association European Promotions Committee have announced that sales broke the 1 million mark recently. This does not include all the PS3 disks using the BluRay format, of which there were apparently 20 million produced for sale in Europe. In the US, Blu-Ray movies have been outselling HD-DVD movies by almost 2 to 1 since the start of the year.
Click here for the full news story from Reuters.

This is good news for PS3 owners who may have been worried about the current battle going on in the High Definition movie marketplace. With stand alone HD-DVD players still being cheaper than stand alone Blu-Ray players you can be forgiven for thinking the market would swing towards HD-DVD. It appears that the PS3's Blu-Ray player (built-in as standard), along with the greater availability and greater capacity of PC Blu-Ray drives has meant it is ahead in overall hardware sales too.
Its looking like a good Christmas for Blu-Ray!

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