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Tip: New uses for your old PS2 EyeToy and headset
Created: 24-11-2007 14:12

New Uses for Your Old PS2 EyeToy and Headset

Even though the new Playstation Eye is out with better resolution and excellent directional microphone support, don't throw away your old PS2 EyeToy just yet. The same goes for your old headsets like the ones supplied with 'Ghost Recon' or 'SOCOM'.
The PS3 will detect your EyeToy as a USB Camera so you can use it for video conferencing with up to 6 people at once. Sadly the new Playstation Eye software won't work with it, but then what do you expect ;-)
Similarly you don't need to fork out for a BlueTooth headset if you don't already have one. You can use your PS2 headset. You need to go into the 'Accessory Settings' on your PS3 and choose 'Audio Device Settings' and experiment. Obviously these aren't wireless like BlueTooth headsets but you can probably pick one of these up in the bargain bin at your local computer games store.

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