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News: DivX coming to the PS3
Created: 24-11-2007 12:21 Edited: 26-12-2007 18:02

DivX Coming to the PS3! Werrhoo!

According to a press release from DivX, their wonderful technology is currently being certified for inclusion on the PS3. This should mean that we will be able to playback DivX compressed video on the PS3 and open up a huge number of available online videos and movies. Fantastic news, not just for those of us who use DivX encoded videos but also for developers as it will be included in the Sony SDK (Software Development Kit) allowing games makers to playback high quality video from much smaller files than would normally be required. This could also see downloadable games using more video or becoming smaller in file size without losing quality.

Look out for a future firmware update from Sony which will include this decoder.

Edit: The update is now out! The DivX codec (as well as the VC-1 WMV codec) is now included as of firmware version 2.10

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